Welcome to Lacho Freight

With many years of experience in cross-border transport, we provide a superior service for handling of bulk, containerised, project and out of gauge cargo, with flat-bed and drop-side trailers. Our large own fleet of trucks, as well as subcontracted vehicles provide unparalleled capacity for your cargo. We are strategically located, being represented by clearing agents at all border posts in and out of Zimbabwe. Our warehousing and storage services, for a wide range of goods from agricultural equipment, relief aid, chemicals and food stuffs, mechanical equipment amongst other goods, means that your cargo can be held in storage for your convienience all under one roof.
ACL Holdings was born out of the potential identified to be a powerhouse in offering an unparalleled professional service in our expert areas of document handling, document storage, document management, warehousing services, freight-forwarding and customs clearing. It was established in 2007 in Zimbabwe and in 2009 in Malawi, it has three subsidiaries, Archive-It Services, Custodial Services and Lacho Freight.